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  Indigenous Remix Culture


Beat Nation Live is a cross platform digital arts and live music project designed to bring together artists, writers and musicians in a new dynamic way.

The Beat Nation Live collective emerged from the grunt gallery project and debuted at CBC Studios in Vancouver and the Futur-en-Seine Festival in Paris in 2011.


Beat Nation Live is a rich musical landscape of original material performed by Kinnie Starr, Ostwelve and Cris Derksen.

Corey Bulpitt and Larissa Healey's digital light painting fuses traditional and contemporary street art iconography through the Tangible Interaction Digital Graffiti Wall, forming a vital part of an interactive performance environment.

Overlaying the look of Beat Nation Live is VJ and media artist Jackson 2Bears. J2B's live cinema/scratch video remixes, together with multi-camera stage loops, frame a rapidly changing dreamscape of immersive mash-up projections surrounding performers and performance space.

At any time the ensemble features an expanded cast of artists including JB The First Lady, Darwin Frost aka Impossible Nothing, Skeena Reece, Skookum Sound System, Christie Lee Charles and Archer Pechawis.

Beat Nation Live embraces new directions that bridge traditional and contemporary worlds through shape shifting layers of beats, electronica, digital graffiti, sampling and immersive video technology.

As a movement, Beat Nation is naturally drawn to digital frontiers as hip-hop is one of the first art movements to organically make the jump from the analogue to digital age. The roots of hip-hop culture and music have been transformed by indigenous cultures and identities into new forms of visual culture and music that echo the realities of aboriginal people.

"Native graffiti art, indigenized ipods, indigenous-language hip-hop and video, Indian bling and urban wear: Beat nation is about music, it's about art and it's about the spirit of us as indigenous peoples and cultures."

Tania Willard: Curator,


Beat Nation Live is multi-faceted and explores creativity, international collaborations and ongoing partnerships.

With the recent development of the Beat Nation project, from grunt gallery beginnings, the Paris debut of the Beat Nation Live collective and recent group exhibitions at Vancouver Art Gallery and in Montreal and Toronto, to the recent Berlin produced Beat Nation Remix album, the world's spotlight is very much beginning to turn on this exciting new chapter in contemporary indigenous arts.

We seek further global possibilities to build a interconnected network of indigenous urban artists, musicians and curators worldwide.

Beat Nation Live is a co-production of International Arts Initiatives and the grunt gallery whose creation was made possible with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, British Columbia Arts Council and the City of Vancouver.