"Anderson continues to imbue her work with a singular perspective that is both haunting and timeless" The New Yorker
Laurie Anderson Press

"Laurie Anderson...has broken through and made some of the most interesting art of the late 20th Century...earning as she goes a reputation as one of the world's premiere performance artists."

"To devotees, Laurie Anderson is the most stimulating female artist on the planet. Confronted by her best work, it's almost possible to remove the word "female" from that description...pushing the barriers but always supremely musical, Anderson is manna for the heart, soul AND mind."
Mojo, January 2001 (in a review of Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology)

"Laurie Anderson is a singer-songwriter of crushing poignance - a minimalist painter of melancholy moods who addresses universal themes in the vernacular of the commonplace."
Rolling Stone

"Anderson continues to imbue her work with a singular perspective that is both haunting and timeless."
The New Yorker

"[Laurie Anderson is] the reigning performance artist of her time."
Boston Globe

"[Laurie Anderson's] tone has grown less droll and more elegiac, and what once seemed offhanded or oblique has turned chillingly prophetic....There was grief in the songs, but not despair. The songs acknowledged the worst and pondered where to go from here."
The New York Times

"[Laurie Anderson is] an acutely humane observer, finding warmth and humor in stories about the ordinary turned exotic."
New York Daily News

"[Laurie Anderson's] music seems emblematic of the city: ambitious, insightful, humorous and always teeming with four or five parts that really don¹t seem like they should fit together but do."


"Anderson tells us more about herself in Happiness than in any other work. But in doing so, she also tells us important things about ourselves and what we have all experienced over the past few months. In a voice that falls somewhere between speech and song, Anderson says what needs now
to be said in exactly the way it can be best heard."
Los Angeles Times

"Anderson has always been full of surprises. Happiness...is simply the latest and one of the most stimulating in a long line."
San Francisco Chronicle

"[Anderson] is a master storyteller who uses the microphone as an instrument of intimacy, conspiracy and seduction....Anderson's best work has always had a deeply emotional undercurrent, projecting empathy as much as irony. This was particularly true of Happiness."
Chicago Tribune

"[Happinessis] an insightful initiation into the Cult of Laurie Anderson."
Ann Arbor News

"Anderson's search for Happinessis the theme of the piece, among the most brilliant and moving she has ever done."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Happiness unfolds on stage with exquisite focus....With Happiness, the legendary composer, musician, poet, visual artist and electronics wizard emerges as a masterful storyteller."
Contra Costa Times

"[Happiness] is a mesmerizing mix of musings, observations and stories."
Santa Barbara News-Press


The End of the Moon

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Sunday November 14, 2004 7:30pm
The Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver

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