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mundo provocateur

where worlds collide ....

Nobody likes chaos but everybody wants innovation. Unfortunately they are concurrent things.



If artists betray the social conscience and basic principles of being human, where does art stand then?

Ai Weiwei

Graphic Designers are to our information age what engineers were to the industrial age and what scientists were to the age of reason. They set the mood of the mental environment. They stoke the desire that fuels the consumerist economy. Wielding such power, what moral responsibility do designers, visual communicators and artists bear?


People come to BC not just because of the pretty mountains. They come here because they expect a place where society is both different and better. Haven't you noticed that when you say 'Vancouver' to people, their eyes light up? For foolish short-term reasons we're killing that light, and all the money in the world can't buy it back once it's gone. We become a parking lot with mountains and it doesn't have to happen.

Douglas Coupland, writer and visual artist