Terry Riley Discography

“Mr. Riley carries jazz improvisation into his own sophisticated world ... This is first of all a wonderful pianist. Mr. Riley has the upper-body stillness one associates with true keyboard technique. His colors are gorgeous and precisely under control."
Bernard Holland, The New York Times

Terry Riley is reluctantly the king of everything... godfather of music... unwitting progenitor of New Age music... but Riley repeatedly slips out from under the mantles bestowed on him and, even at the age of 61, doggedly seeks new musical frontiers.
The San Francisco Bay Guardian

Thirty-three years ago, a 28-year-old, hitherto-little-known Bay Area composer named Terry Riley created a work called In C and thereby reinvented the whole process of listening to music ... The impact on the viewer was (and still is) like viewing a cataclysm through the wrong end of a telescope. Where Beethoven tingles the scalp with a full orchestra thundering out a violent change of key, Riley can do the same with a single small dissonance, an F sharp intruding into his placid C-major trance. The details - the number of players, the order of the events, the tempo and dynamics - are to be decisions of the moment.
The LA Weekly


1966 Reed Streams, Mass Art *

1968 In C, CBS Masterworks MS 7178

1969 A Rainbow in Curved Air, CBS Masterworks MS 7315

1970 The Church of Anthrax, (with John Cale) CBS *

1972 Happy Ending, Warner Bros. 46125 *

1972 The Persian Surgery Dervishes, Shandar 83501

1974 Le Secret de la Vie, Phillips *

1978 Shri Camel, CBS Masterworks M35164

1982 The Descending Moonshine Dervishes, Kukuck 074

1983 The Ten Voices of the Two Prophets, Kukuck 067

1985 No Man's Land , Plainisphare PL 1267 *

1985 The Ethereal Time Shadow, (Music from Mills ) MC 001

1985 Cadenza on the Night Plain, Gramavision 181014-1

1986 The Harp of New Albion, Celestial Harmonies CEL 018-1

1989 IN C with the Shanghai Film Orchestra, Celestial Harmonies

1989 Salome Dances for Peace , Nonesuch 9 79217 1

1991 June Buddhas (Lou Harrison 7 Pastorales), Music Masters 67089-2

1992 The Padova Concert, Amiata Arnn 0292

1993 Persian Surgery Dervishes (re-issue), New Tone 129806715 2

1993 Cactus Rosary, (NEW WORLD) Artifact Music ART 006

1993 In C 25th Anniversary Concert, New Albion NA 071

1994 Chanting the Light of Foresight, New Albion NA 064

1996 No Man's Land (revised/reissue), Plainisphare 1267-93

1996 Lisbon Concert, New Albion NA087

1996 Poppy Nogood All Night Flight V.1 , Organ of Corti 4

1997 A Lazy Afternoon Among the Crocodiles, AIAI 008

1998 The Piano Music of John Adams and Terry Riley, Telarc Cd80513

*Out of Print